Chairman's Statement

Chairman’s Statement 2019/20

I am delighted that I have been given the opportunity to be Chairman of Warminster
Highbury Youth Football club for the 2019/2020 Season.
I would like to start with saying what a huge success this year’s tournament was, with 104 teams taking part over the 2 days. On each of those 2 days we saw Hundreds of children enjoy playing for their teams in a competitive tournament, and their families and supporters enjoying the Club’s hospitality. Also, the dozens of Managers, Coaches and Referees – all doing a great job.
I would like to thank everyone who helped at the tournament, some of whom were part of the organisational team for months. Thank you to everyone who gave up their time to assist with parking, on the gate, in the kitchen, on the BBQ, giving out medals and more. Feedback was nothing but positive.
This year we are introducing girls’ football on Sunday mornings from u5 to u8, we are also moving the u8s training from Kingdown back to Sunday mornings at Highbury.
One of the areas I think needs addressing is the club’s image when attending home, away, and tournament games. I would like to see all managers and coaches Wearing Highbury kit so other clubs can identify them as Highbury members. I appreciate this will incur costs to the club, managers and coaches but I feel it is important as a club we have an identity.
I also feel that communication between the committee and managers needs to improve, especially in respect of the older age groups as once they leave Sunday mornings and move onto league football as u9s they are left much to their own. The committee assist when issues arise, but I think everyone needs to be aware of what support is available to them
This is something that I have been trying to do as Managers and Coaches coordinator over the past year. I am confident that by improving communication between the committee and managers/coaches we can ensure all associated with the club are aware that our first priority is providing football to as many children as possible regardless of ability.
I would like to thank all involved with the recent toilet refit to include a disabled toilet and the installation of the advertising banner fencing. Many club members gave a lot of time and effort to get these jobs done.
I would like to thank all the volunteers that give up their time to keep the club running.
The managers and coaches for your commitment and passion, who you see week in and week out planning training sessions, organising games at weekends and collecting subs regardless of the weather conditions.
I would like to thank the Trustees who take care of the day to day running of the club.
I would also like to thank the parents, grandparents and other family members for bringing their children along to Highbury to play football.
Finally, I would like to thank the children themselves for their enthusiasm and willingness to learn, which will hopefully help them with their social development and friendship skills.
I would like to wish all involved with Highbury the best of luck for the coming year.
Please feel free to contact me about Highbury on 01985 215900. 
Kind Regards
Lee Arnott (Chairman) (August 2019) 

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