Code of Conduct

To meet with the requirements of the FA Standard Charter, we have a strict code of conduct in place which we ask all players, parents and visitors to the club to adhere to.

Players, Spectators and Coaches

Players should aim to play to the best of their ability and to encourage others. They must play fairly and show respect to the game and the club.

They should:

  • Attend regularly and be punctual.
  • Partake in fair play: Kicking the ball into touch when another player is injured.
  • Giving the ball back to the opposition after above action.
  • Help players to their feet after a heavy tackle.
  • Being honest about refereeing decisions and sticking to the rules.
  • Unfair play : Diving, time wasting, shirt pulling, feigning injury, two footed tackle.
  • Behaviour : NO swearing, dissent, spitting, fighting or dangerous play.
  • Respect: Show respect at all times to all match officials and accept decisions without protest.
  • Respect to all other players; in your team and others.
  • Respect club authority, property and equipment.
  • Encourage other team members.


We ask that you support your own child and every other child on the team to compete fairly. You must ensure suitable arrangements are made for your children to be brought to and collected from matches and training. You should endeavour to give assistance in the running of the club in whatever capacity you are able.

  • Provide all children with positive remarks and actions, promoting fair play and good behaviour.
  • Not be aggressive, badly behaved or have bad attitudes towards other parents, coaches, opposition team or officials.
  • Allow club officials and coaches to carry out their duties.
  • Avoid coaching children during matches.
  • Ensure children are provided with the right clothes for conditions.
  • Provide transport to and from matches and training and help other parents if needed.
  • Attend training and matches when possible.
  • Respect the official’s decisions.
  • Give praise to all players on both sides.
  • Applaud the opposition as well as Highbury teams.
  • Make payment of training and match fees on time.
  • Respect and adhere to the rules of the club at all times.


Managers and coaches should lead by example. They should encourage all player’s, regardless of ability to play to their full potential as part of a sporting team.

They should:

  • Work with players, parents and the club to ensure suitable training and games exist for all players in their age group.
  • Lead by example and consistently display high standards of behaviour and appearance.
  • Place the well- being and safety of each player above all other considerations, informing parents of any illness or injury while the child is in the clubs care.
  • No adults should take part in competitive games and only managers and appointed coaches are allowed on the field of play at any time.
  • Treat all children fairly and with respect, always encourage.
  • Give attention to all children not just the talented.
  • Provide structured training sessions at correct levels.
  • Encourage all players to access their own performance and accept responsibility for their own actions.
  • Ensure clear lines of communication for players, parents and club officials.
  • Demonstrate fair play and respect to match officials.
  • Openly encourage parental involvement.
  • Reinforce and reward positive attitude and behaviour.
  • Give support and help to all new children, parents, managers and coaches.
  • Adhere to the guidelines set down by the governing bodies.
  • Ensure club rules are adhered to and followed.
  • Not use or tolerate bad language.
  • Avoid smoking while coaching.
  • Achieve minimum manager’s qualification as stipulated by the FA.
  • Attend managers meetings per year as arranged.

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