Covid 19 – Return to Football Spring 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

COVID-19 has caused impact on every single one of us in our day to day lives over the last 12 months restricting our ability to conduct what was previously considered to be normal.

For Grassroots football, you will be aware that this football season has been significantly influenced by the restrictions imposed by the UK government and enforced by the English Football Association.

During the periods whereby football was able to continue, Warminster Highbury Youth Football club has adhered to all COVID-19 guidelines ensuring that appropriate safety measures were adopted and implemented to enable players to continue the game of football.

Despite these measures being in place, the ability to play football continued to be impacted in various ways, for example Self Isolation, Referee Availability, withdrawal of teams from the League etc.

The upcoming announcement by the UK Government due on the 29th of March will determine whether Grassroots football can resume. Should the decision be that football can resume – this will be welcome news for Warminster Highbury Football club – The Committee, Managers & Coaches, and volunteers associated to the club look forward to finally welcoming back all players and providing them with the opportunity to play football.

The FA have also announced that the current football season will be extended to the end of June for those age groups who currently eligible to play at League level.

What does this mean for Warminster Highbury Youth Football Club?

The club committee has met to review the implications of the extension of the league season to the end of June. Following a full appraisal, it has been agreed that the club will withdraw from all remaining league fixtures, the Mid Wilts cup competitions have all been cancelled by the local FA. This was a difficult decision to make, however the impact to the club is significant, in that the extension affects:

Whilst the decision has been made to withdraw from the league for the remainder of the season, Warminster Highbury Youth Football club is keen to continue to offer players the opportunity to train with their team and in addition the opportunity to play ‘friendlies’ if matches can be arranged.

As stated, the restrictions imposed over the last year have been considerable – for children this has impacted them in various ways whether this be Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, or Socially.

To support our players and based on the decision to withdraw from the League, for the remainder of the current season (End of May 2021) the club committee has agreed that for current registered players, the club will cover the costs that would normally be charged for that of training & match fees.

Subject to the UK Government allowing football to resume (and Kingdown School confirming that we can continue to use their training facilities) training will commence from the 11th of April and will continue up to the 30th of May 2021.

Finally, a plea from the Club Committee!

As most parents/carers will be aware, Warminster Highbury Youth Football club is a Charity organisation run by volunteers who give their time to enable children of eligible age the opportunity to play football and develop their skills as they grow up. The club has been in existence since 1984, with the development of the club and the facilities provided only being possible through the dedication of volunteers who offer a few hours a month assisting in any capacity to ensure the continuation of the club for our local community.

To support the continual growth of the club in its ability to offer grassroots football, we urgently are looking to increase the number of volunteers who can contribute a small part of their time to assist the club.

The club would welcome onboard anyone who can offer their support to assist in the ongoing development of the club. All current volunteers speak highly of how self-rewarding being part of a local community charity is and the services it offers children.

Examples of some of the roles in which you could contribute/volunteer:

If you are interested in becoming involved with the club, please contact either our club Chairman or Secretary who will be happy to discuss.

We look forward to seeing players return to Warminster Highbury Youth Football Club over the days ahead and wish to thank all parents/carers, players, Managers/Coaches, and volunteers for their continued support over the last year.

Warminster Highbury Youth Football Club Committee