Dear Parent/Carer,

You will be aware that there have been periods this season (2020-21) whereby football has not been able to operate as a result of the restrictions imposed by the UK Government & Football Association due to the effects of COVID-19.All parents/carers should have been notified by their respective age group manager during these periods instructing you to cancel monthly ‘standing orders’ until advised otherwise. In addition, in those instances whereby membership/training fees had been paid in full for the year and a refund is required, to notify your age group manager of this request to enable a refund for the relevant periods when the club has been unable to operate to be processed and paid.

Please note: Applications for refunds are only applicable to those age groups who were eligible to play at league level for the season as the refunds relate to the clubs decision to withdraw from the remaining league games.

If for any reason you have not been made aware of the above and you still wish to request a refund, please contact the club treasurer using the following email address:

Please include:

  • Name of Player
  • Name of Bank Account holder (Name as shown on Bank Account)
  • Account Number
  • Sort Code

The deadline for submission of any requests for refunds is Friday 14th May 2021.

Alternatively, if you are eligible and do not wish to apply for a refund and are happy for the club to retain any monies paid, these funds will contribute towards the continuous maintenance and development of the club. Warminster Highbury Youth Football Club is a registered Charity (Registration No:1134455) financial funding for the club to enable it to operate is dependent upon membership fees, donations, fund raising, and applications for grants.

This funding is continuously invested into the club and covers items such as:

  • League Registration Costs
  • Referee & Officials Costs
  • Training Facility Costs
  • Ground & Pitch Maintenance
  • Purchase of Football Kit
  • FA Training Courses for Coaches


Warminster Highbury Youth Football Club Committee


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